Secure Edge Computing is a computing architecture that brings applications closer to data sources such as sensors and IoT devices. Bringing workloads to the edge benefits Warfighters by enhancing decision-making in-theater and reducing dependence on network connectivity. Processing at the edge allows sophisticated situational awareness applications to deliver answers to commanders in real-time and be self-sustainable while on the move. 




Metalvisor is a software runtime that uses micro-segmentation to dedicate hardware to virtual machines, providing unmatched QoS and security architecture. Metalvisor consolidates mixed-criticality systems onto secure next-gen infrastructure while adding multiple layers of security protection for a defense-in-depth architecture. Metalvisor powers the most demanding mission-critical workloads, mixing real-time operating systems RTOS with traditional virtualization workloads - all in one commercial off-the-shelf COTS system. Saving is space, weight, and power (SWaP).

Open Source

Mainsail works with leading open source companies to ensure certification and compatibility with products to enhance secure edge capabilities for the warfighter. Mainsail’s Metalvisor product runs open source applications and frameworks with higher security and better performance at the edge.

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