TypeZero Hypervisor

Metalvisor, as a TypeZero hypervisor, Has no orchestration layer at the virtual machine (VM) layer and has no oversubscription. This is very different from Type 1 & 2 hypervisors.

Remove Virtualization Overhead / Tax

The virtualization tax/overhead is removed, and workloads can utilize close to 100% of the hardware.  

Bare-Metal Performance

Metalvisor does not share hardware between VMs. This gives guest VMs the same profile as bare-metal and also how we got the name Metalvisor.
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Quality of Service

Metalvisor Isolates & Dedicates Hardware to each VM; Cores, Cache, Threads, Memory, PCIe, Network, Storage

No Noisy Neighbors

Metalvisor removes 100% of the Noisy Neighbor issues that present on traditional virtualization that cause poor performance and QoS.

High Determinism

Workloads have execution cycles the same as the previous one, resulting in dependable & interference free compute environment.

Configurable Cache Ways

Workloads can dial up or down the levels of cache ways assigned to each VM resulting in configurable QoS.
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Metalvisor is based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and can be deployed on bare metal from many different OEMs. Metalvisor is launched from firmware/UEFI layer and is as close to the metal as possible.

Orchestration Domain

The Orchestration Domain (OD) is a RHEL VM instance used to work with LibVirt to start/stop VMs and other VM related functions. The OD also uses Cockpit (open source web interface) for managing workloads.

Active Response Capability (ARC)

Metalvisor uses a bare metal application to enforce policy across VMs, known as active response capability (ARC). ARC ensures things like secure boot, cryptography, software exploit, and hardware protection are enforced.
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Introducing Bare-metal Performance with the Benefits of Virtualization

Confidential Compute

Full memory encryption with unique encryption keys for each VM. No refactoring or additional software needed

Zero Trust

Designed with processor-based Zero Trust at the silicon level. Meet & Exceed NIST 800-207

Stop Zero-Days

Active Response Capability ARC built-in to stop zero-days and other exploits/malware

Determinism & QoS

No Virtualization Tax/Overhead. Highest level of Determinism & QoS available on multicore processors today.

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Metalvisor Meets & Exceeds NIST
Zero Trust 800-207 policy, delivering advanced security today.

Metalvisor provides Zero Trust at the CPU level by using cryptographic verification of hardware, extending it to the runtime of applications. Metalvisor provides advanced security measures that meet and exceed the guidelines set forth by NIST 800-207 for Zero Trust.

This advanced level of security can provide peace of mind to the DOD and help to minimize the risk of security breaches, data loss, and other cyber threats.
NIST Zero Trust SP 800-207
DOD Zero Trust Guidance

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